Licensing Options in MOSS

Office SharePoint Server 2007 licensing has changed from previous versions in that now you don’t have to worry about the Enterprise or Standard version of the server. The server is available in two flavors.

·         Office SharePoint Server 2007, Server License

o   If you are going for intranet enabled SharePoint and you don’t have any plans to make it available over the internet


·         Office SharePoint Server 2007 for Internet Sites

o   If the intention is to develop internet-facing sites and allow anonymous users to connect and access information over the portal.

If you go for the second option i.e. internet license, no CALs are needed as anonymous users are also allowed to connect. In fact, there is a huge addition in the cost of Internet License itself as compared to the Intranet License.  In case of the first option, i.e. intranet license, you will have to buy CALs for the number of users you want to connect to the server. Two types of CALs are available

·         Standard CALs

o   The Standard CALs are needed to access information available on your intranet server. You can access the features like portal, collaboration, search, ECM, document management etc. However, you cannot use things like BDC, Electronic Forms, Excel Services, Business Intelligence and LOB search features.


·         Enterprise CALs

o   If you need to remove limitations as discussed in the Standard CALS, Enterprise CALs need to be purchased. Here again, you will find a catch, as Enterprise CALs cannot work alone. Enterprise CALs are always deployed on top of Standard CALs. So for any user, if you need the provision of Enterprise features (mentioned above), you will need 1 Standard CAL and 1 Enterprise CAL per user.  

It should be noted that Office SharePoint Server Internet License gives you the Enterprise Functionality that you can have with the Enterprise CALs in case of intranet server.


6 Responses to Licensing Options in MOSS

  1. Jerry says:

    Nice Article.

    Just to add here. MOSS 2007 for Internet sites costs are 45K us $. And Cost of Intranet MOSS could be 25 to 30K for 100 Users 🙂

  2. naveedullah says:

    Yes there is a huge difference in the Intranet and Internet Server License prices but I think this is because the Internet license allows unlimited number of users and for Intranet, number of CALs based on number of users has to be purchased.

    One more thing to add is that the License price can vary depending on the region from where the license is purchased and the purchasing organization’s history and partner status of the organization.

  3. Denis DSouza says:

    Can the internet license be used within the organisations network also ? I dont think so. Internet license is purely for setting up of an internet site.

  4. naveedullah says:

    yeah …the internet license is best used for setting up an internet site.

  5. NBKZ says:


    In the case of moss (standard):

    how (CAL – Client Access License) works ?

    1 – It is file that you have to install ( Where ? – on the server or on client – How ?).

    2- You only need to have the invoice for the CAL and no Instalation ?


  6. Yoda says:

    What do you do if you need to deploy in both the Internet AND Intranet environment? Do you need the Enterprise CALs on top of the Internet licence or do you need another server for the Intranet side?

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