Office SharePoint Server Administration model

The administration model is very much enhanced in MOSS as compared to that in SPS 2003. We have a clear isolation of administrative tasks and multi-tier administration model. This allows delegation of different administrative tasks.The three layers of Office SharePoint Server administration model are:

  • SharePoint Central Administration
  • Shared Services Provider Administration
  • Site Collection Administration and Site Settings 

Let’s look at each of them one by one

SharePoint Central Administration 

SharePoint Central Administration comes as a web application which provides administrative features for the contextual MOSS solution. The major administrative tasks that can be performed are:

  • Managing the Server Farm Topology
  • Creating new web applications
  • Creating new site collections
  • Managing Email settings

The administrative tasks at this level are typically performed by IT administrators

Shared Services Administration  

This level of administration allows configuration and settings for different shared services and components that apply to the server farm. The services and settings that can be configured include but are not limited to:

  • Search
  •  User Profiles and audiences
  • Personal Site Settings
  • Audiences
  • Usage reports 

These tasks are normally performed by a business unit IT administrator. 

Site Collection Administration and Site Settings

The third level of administrative configuration applies to the site collections and sites in context. Most of the tasks in this level of administration can be applied to a site level and some can be applied to a site collection level. The administrative options include:

  • Creating content and list
  • Applying security to site and content
  • Changing Site Navigation
  • Changing the look and feel of site
  • Changing site columns, content types and master pages
  • Adding web parts and site features

These tasks are typically performed by a site administrator for a particular site


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  1. Nazish Ali says:

    Excellent Feature List of administration model
    It’s also good to see that, NaveedUllah is on screen.It’s a good sign!

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