Open House 2007 at FAST

I recently was invited for evaluation of final year projects at Open House 2007 in FAST NUCES. Open House is a demonstration of final year projects to examiners who belong to the software industry. This is an excellent step in my opininon as students get a touch of industry and meet professionals. In addition, the final year projects for which they put a lot of efforts, these projects can then be evaluated by professionals who can assess the project work and also suggest future changes/ enhancements for these projects.

I along with few other colleagues Wajahat and Nawaz reached FAST at about 10:30 AM and evaluated two projects.

Flowchart to Code Generator

This was a project developed for newbie developers to help them design flowchart instead of writing the code first. The application converts the flowchart to code. It first generates IL code in PASCAL and then generates the final C++ code. This, again was a good effort by students Umair Khan, Hussain Jaffer and Saad Usmani. There were a few things missing though, related to design and implementation. The project abstract can be found here

Electronic Edification

This was a sort of e-learning solution developed by three girls named Mehwish Ali, Mehwish Aziz and Munazzah. It was a good effort comprising an administrative application for admin, teachers and students for registration and activation of courses. It also had webcast facility for delivering lectures. They produced good documentation but could not implement the design properly and this was the advice from us (examiners) to limit the scope but concentrate on good design. The project abstract can be found here 

Overall, it was a good day and we enjoyed meeting with students, teachers and of course, a heavy rain afterwards.


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