Kalsoft’s New Workflow and BPR Product

Windows Workflow Foundation is the new and innovative framework for workflow applications to be developed in upcoming years. It is based on XML based language called XOML which is commonly used for declaring a workflow. The building blocks for Workflows based on WWF are called activities. Windows Workflow Foundation is one of the three components that make up the WinFX framework


KalSoft – A renowned development and consultancy firm has taken a step ahead. They have developed a Workflow solution named DeXpert based on WWF along with BPR capabilities. Having a great attractive user interface based on Windows Presentation Foundation, this product branches in two ways. One, you can use the Workflow Designer to design complex business workdflows without writing a single line of code. An Organization Chart designer enables dynamic mapping of roles and users. The second branch involves simulation of the designed process based on user inputs in order to find out bottlenecks and ineffeciencies in the process. To conclude,  this product is a true testimonial of Microsoft’s approach towards partner enablement.


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