Business Data Catalog Application Definition Editor

September 10, 2007

Business Data Catalog is a feature of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 that allows integration of LOB applications with MOSS. For those who have worked or tried to work with BDC know that the most time consuming part is writing the application definition file. Application definition is done through an XML file that describes the metadata of entities to be retrieved from the LOB system.

Microsoft recently released a tool called Microsoft BDC Definition editor which facilitates creation of this file through a wizard. This  tool has been released as part of the MOSS SDK 1.2 release (Aug 2007). To download the tool and learn more about it, please read the following MSDN article:


Formatting Alert Emails in MOSS

September 9, 2007

Recently, I saw many how-to posts on forums where people asked for custom formatting of alert emails in MOSS 2007. I thought sharing it here will be a good idea.

SharePoint maintains the alert configuration in AlertTemplate.xml which can be found in the <12 hive>\XML folder.

In this file, there are <AlertTemplate> elements for each specific list type i.e. Document Library, News, Announcements etc. There is also an <AlertTemplate> section with type <SPAlertTemplate.GenericList>. This can be used to apply settings to all the lists.

To change the format of emails, one should update the <Format> Element of the specific list type.

To publish the changed file to Sharepoint, use the ever useful command STSADM

stsadm -o updatealerttemplates -url