I am a graduate from Department of Computer Science, Karachi University; got more than 5 years of experience in the software industry and currently working as a Senior Technology Consultant/ Project Manager at KalSoft (Pvt.) Ltd.

Being an evangelist of Computer Science among other things, I commenced my career as a core Visual C++ and .NET developer, moved to the design and analysis of various systems and now the main area of expertise is SharePoint Products and Technologies. From SharePoint’s perspective, I started from SPS 2001, moved to SPS 2003 and now an expert level MOSS consultant.

I have achieved PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification. I am also MCAD.NET and won several other certifications and awards. I am also a member of PMI Karachi Chapter and Association of Computing Machinery (ACM).

I have been a speaker at many conferences and events organized by Microsoft including PDC 2005, LOVE Launch 2007.  I am a member speakers’ bureau of MSServerSide.NET and INETA. I have also been a trainer at several community training sessions in universities and user groups.


6 Responses to About

  1. rehan says:

    good going brother best of luck.

  2. Youssef says:

    Hi Dear,

    I need your help,

    I have Sharepoint farm consists of:

    2 database servers
    3 sharepoint servers

    The end-user sharepoint site should be in arabic,
    I’m using the 1st and 2nd sp servers as web servers

    the 3rd sharepoint server is the index server.
    the question is:
    Should I install the arabic pack on the 3rd sp server or not?

    thank you, and best regards,

    note: pls reply on my personal mail account: y.salame@duc.com.kw

  3. Sebastian says:

    Hi, excellent blog!
    I need some help and maybe you can give me some advice. I need to create a multilingual SharePoint site, and one of the languages is Galician, the problem is that no Galician Language Pack exists. So what I would like to do is to create a Galician language pack, but I have no idea of what does that language pack must have. Can you tell me some tips, or “how to” on haw to create a Language Pack.

    Thank you in advance,

  4. Tareq says:

    hi naveedullah,
    i’v read ur article about Multilingual SP , here :
    now u mentioned this point :

    •Site Variations only copy the content. There is no automatic translation from one language to another. However, this can be done using workflows and custom development.”
    could u give me a guid how to do such a thing ..
    thx in advanced bro

  5. Amir says:

    Dear Naveed,

    I work in Australia as software developer. Along the development I do some sharepoint work (we use wss3.0). Until now we have one site only. Company intent to expand business in China and want to develop the same site in Chinese language.
    I did a study on lanaguage option in wss3, downloaded packs with chinese and it allowed me to create Site collections in chinese.

    The real problem comes when I need to develop a site which is in English and want the chinese user to see it in their own language. As I change the content it must be seen in both English and chinese.

    I am stuck here and have no option as company have no intention to buy MOSS which support easy variations.

    I would highly appreciate you help


  6. Khurram Khan says:

    ASW Naveed Bahi,

    I am new in moss2007.plz can u help me for dovelop the site in moss2007.like infopath with coustom C# code. i have 3 textbox in infopath form but i can’t insert value in list so plz can u give suggestion for code. how to write code… pleaseee…

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