Microsoft’s Everyday Productivity Education (EPE)

October 1, 2007

Microsoft recently created chain of content for end-users as part of the program Everyday Productivity Education (EPE). These customizable productivity aids were built for MS products so that employees can make best use of the technology. They also contain content specific to SharePoint products and technologies specially in the context of improving productivity in an intranet culture.

The details can be found at:


Back after a break

August 21, 2007

Hi there, those who have been following me might know that I am in Dubai. No blogs posted for sometime but now I am back and will be coming with nice things soon. So keep your finger crossed:)

Kalsoft’s New Workflow and BPR Product

July 9, 2007

Windows Workflow Foundation is the new and innovative framework for workflow applications to be developed in upcoming years. It is based on XML based language called XOML which is commonly used for declaring a workflow. The building blocks for Workflows based on WWF are called activities. Windows Workflow Foundation is one of the three components that make up the WinFX framework


KalSoft – A renowned development and consultancy firm has taken a step ahead. They have developed a Workflow solution named DeXpert based on WWF along with BPR capabilities. Having a great attractive user interface based on Windows Presentation Foundation, this product branches in two ways. One, you can use the Workflow Designer to design complex business workdflows without writing a single line of code. An Organization Chart designer enables dynamic mapping of roles and users. The second branch involves simulation of the designed process based on user inputs in order to find out bottlenecks and ineffeciencies in the process. To conclude,  this product is a true testimonial of Microsoft’s approach towards partner enablement.

Management Pack for MOSS 2007

June 14, 2007

The management pack for Office SharePoint Server 2007 is now available which will help administrators and consultants gather precious operational data and enable them in responding to critical events. This will result in better reporting of failures so that configuration problems and service outages are handled in time by the administrators.

MOM 2005
The management pack for MOM 2005 can be downloaded here

System Center Operations Manager 2007
For the new SCOM 2007, MOSS management pack can be downloaded here


The following alerts have been made available through this management pack
• Shared Services Provider (SSP) provisioning failed
• Site Directory scan job failed
• Enabling features failed on some sites
• Administration site for the SSP is missing
• Enabling features on existing sites failed
• The Office SharePoint Server Search service is not running
• The Microsoft Single Sign-On service is not running
• The Office Document Conversions Launcher service is not running
• Failed to connect to parent server farm
• SSP synchronization failed
• The Office Document Conversions Load Balancer service is not running
• Failures in content deployment jobs
• Poor cache performance
• Error during document copy or move operations
• Errors with the Information Rights Management (IRM) features
• Failures in the Document Conversion feature
• Out of Memory exceptions coming from form business logic
• Denial of Service scenarios
• Failures during form processing or while loading business logic assemblies


March 30, 2007

At last I am here. After a long silence, I finally decided to create a new ACTIVE blog :). Those who know me will agree that I was always trying to come up with something like this. Let’s hope, this time around, I can share ideas and learn from others as well. Suggestions and comments are always welcome.