SharePointPedia is LIVE

November 26, 2007

A much anticipated and awaited information portal SharepointPedia goes live.  So what is Sharepointpedia. It’s basically a source of information for Sharepointers and is based on MOSS. It is meant to be a catalog of information and content on the web that is related to Sharepoint. You can direct other people to sharepoint related websites and blogs. You need to have a windows live ID to contribute content to this portal.


Document Management Planning for MOSS

November 12, 2007

A lot of my friends and MOSS consultants ask for the steps needed to create an enterprise level document management site. Most of them do not agree when I ask them to start thinking about content types first. This sounds weird for them as the normal roadmap of creating a doc management site would be to create  document libraries and then to add documents to those libraries but for me that’s just ordinary.

Even before the introduction of content types by MOSS, it was obvious that you must first analyze the type, content and behavior of your documents and data before even starting to get your feet wet with a DMS. After the implementation of content-types and the incorporation of workflows and metadata with those content types, life is a bit easier for system analysts and consultants who are in the process of DMS analysis. I would recommend the following sequence of steps for you and please comment if there is a disagreement 🙂

  • Think of the content types
  • Think of the broad document document categories
  • Think of the metadata and behavior of each document category
  • Think of possible content in each category
  • Think of permissions and policies in each category.

It is obvious that once you are done with this planning and the document management plan is ready, you can easily map these to MOSS content types, document libraries, versioning strategies, information rights management policies and workflow.

Planning for sites and subsites

October 21, 2007

A lot of sharepointers are mesmerized while making the choice between site collections, top level sites and subsites. While I have discussed in my previous blogs about the guidelines of when to use site collections and when to use subsites, I will advise my friends to view the planning roadmap for sites and subsites on the Microsoft official website.

Microsoft’s Everyday Productivity Education (EPE)

October 1, 2007

Microsoft recently created chain of content for end-users as part of the program Everyday Productivity Education (EPE). These customizable productivity aids were built for MS products so that employees can make best use of the technology. They also contain content specific to SharePoint products and technologies specially in the context of improving productivity in an intranet culture.

The details can be found at:

Business Data Catalog Application Definition Editor

September 10, 2007

Business Data Catalog is a feature of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 that allows integration of LOB applications with MOSS. For those who have worked or tried to work with BDC know that the most time consuming part is writing the application definition file. Application definition is done through an XML file that describes the metadata of entities to be retrieved from the LOB system.

Microsoft recently released a tool called Microsoft BDC Definition editor which facilitates creation of this file through a wizard. This  tool has been released as part of the MOSS SDK 1.2 release (Aug 2007). To download the tool and learn more about it, please read the following MSDN article:

Formatting Alert Emails in MOSS

September 9, 2007

Recently, I saw many how-to posts on forums where people asked for custom formatting of alert emails in MOSS 2007. I thought sharing it here will be a good idea.

SharePoint maintains the alert configuration in AlertTemplate.xml which can be found in the <12 hive>\XML folder.

In this file, there are <AlertTemplate> elements for each specific list type i.e. Document Library, News, Announcements etc. There is also an <AlertTemplate> section with type <SPAlertTemplate.GenericList>. This can be used to apply settings to all the lists.

To change the format of emails, one should update the <Format> Element of the specific list type.

To publish the changed file to Sharepoint, use the ever useful command STSADM

stsadm -o updatealerttemplates -url

Back after a break

August 21, 2007

Hi there, those who have been following me might know that I am in Dubai. No blogs posted for sometime but now I am back and will be coming with nice things soon. So keep your finger crossed:)